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Architectural Rendering Services

Residential Interior Renders

Apart from showing the practical aspects of a design like furniture and fixtures layouts, interior renders allows you to visualize the harmony of materials, lighting, and context of the space.  With residential interior renders, the portrayal of mood and ambience is an integral prerequisite of the overall 3d visualization process and is the core of the work. 

Commercial Interior Renders

Interior designers can now communicate design through high quality visuals that are not only time and cost efficient but also a more accurate reflection of their design. This can be used to project design intent for potential investors or customers.

Residential Exterior Renders

Great for marketing, ARC and HOA approvals, and rezoning. Architectural visualization has evolved from simple pencil sketches of a planned building to fully colored photorealistic 3D renderings to show potential clients design features long before the property is built. Residential exterior renderings play a vital role in today’s real estate market, subsequently carrying an owner’s aspirations.

Commercial Exterior Renders


The Beji Studio team uses AI technology along with the latest 3D imaging and modeling softwares to render high quality 3D visuals efficiently and with great precision. Our 3D renderings effectively show the composition of design through dramatic lighting, realistic landscape, incredible finishes and attention to detail.